About Us

Working For Patients and Carers in Nottinghamshire

Our purpose is to represent patients’ views by developing and maintaining good working relationships and communications between cancer service providers and service users so that services will better reflect patient and carers’ needs and preferences and contribute to continuous improvement in cancer services

Who are we?
We are a group of ordinary people whose lives have been touched by cancer and whose mission is to improve cancer services from a patient and carer perspective. Each member’s experience of his or her cancer journey together with input from other current cancer patients and carers helps us to make recommendations for improving and reshaping cancer services for the future.

What Can the Forum do for me?

If you are a patient who has or has had cancer, or the carer of someone with cancer then this group is there to represent your views.
If you would like to comment on any of your experiences of cancer services as a user of services in Nottingham then you can speak in confidence to one of the members of the group.

You can email website@cancer-forum.org.uk